Relax with a Massage

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Swedish massage with Complementary Modalities

  • Masajes


This gentle full body massage improves circulation, concentrating on the muscles to relieve discomfort and tension caused by every day stress and activities. This massage utilizes pure essential oil extracts to sooth the senses and enhance relaxation of the nervous system. You will enjoy a blend of ancient techniques.
60 minute treatment

Shiatsu Massage


Very gentle and relaxing. Shiatsu treatment involves pressure applied to the body, along with other techniques that aim at improving and balancing the flow of energy, through the body's meridian pathways. Shiatsu therapy is holistic and excellent for support during the unavoidable changes and transitions that you will experience throughout your lifetime, while treating you to total relaxation.
60 minute treatment

  • Shiatsu massage

Mayan Massage

The Maya massage originated in the Yucatan Peninsula . Depending on the community, Mayan massage techniques may vary slightly , but the Mayan massage is itself a systematic manual therapy based on the ancient concepts of the Maya worldview. This type of traditional Mexican medicine is closely related to Chinese medicine , which is known as the oldest in the world.

This massage is very specific.It re-aligns and re-balances your energy system. The precise technique first collects energy at a central point (with reference to the navel which represents the cradle of emotions) and then disperse excesses by the four extremities of the body.

Besides being an energy massage helping to restore the balance of their psycho - emotional state, if it has been affected, the Mayan massage has other therapeutic benefits. It strevies to align muscles, tendons and ligaments, along with improving posture and joint structures. 60 minutes

  • Mayan Massage