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Spoil yourself with a Massage. You deserve it!!

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Livier Joya (we call her Livi) a Mexican masseuse from Puerto Vallarta, has been working for ten years in the area and loves what she does - and it shows! Some of our guests that had already got a massage with her said that she is more a healer rather than a masseuse, another guest said it was the best massage she has gotten in her life. Her focus when giving a massage is to get rid of the negative energies and open a path of relaxation and prosperity. She offers: Therapeutic, Relaxing, Swedish, deep tissue, and Reflexology treatments.

Swedish massage with Complementary Modalities

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This gentle full body massage improves circulation, concentrating on the muscles to relieve discomfort and tension caused by every day stress and activities. This massage utilizes pure essential oil extracts to sooth the senses and enhance relaxation of the nervous system. You will enjoy a blend of ancient techniques.
60 minute treatment

Relaxing Massage


Very gentle and relaxing. This  treatment works for the relief of the contracture muscles. Its principal goal is to give tranquility and relaxation to the whole body.
60 minute treatment

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Deep Tissue

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This treatment focuses on the more tense and collapsed areas of the body. It relieves the stiffnesson the neck, pressure on the lower back and shoulder pain mostly. It is recomended if you do sports or if you are regularly on the same position for long time.

Therapeutic Massage

Works on the acceleration of the elimination of toxins out of the body. It increases oxygen to the tissues which is good for the recovery of injuries and diseases.

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It is based on the stimulation of specific areas located in the feet soles. Each of these areas is connected to different body organs. It can relief pain and sickness just from working on the feet.

Price is $350 pesos for 60 minutes.

Special prices for our guests!

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