Sayulita has become a hub for yoga on the Mexican west coast. The dual mission of Yoga Los Sueños is to offer full-time, year round regular yoga classes and to serve as a yoga retreat centre. The expansion of Hotelito Los Sueños was conducted with these goals in mind.  The yoga studio was designed and built with care and attention for the yoga practitioner. Everything from the cushioned flooring to high quality mats to the great surround sound was considered. Our hope is to attract yogis from all over North America and Mexico to Sayulita.

Come play under the Palapa !

Vinyasa Flow 1  ( all levels)

A  slower-paced class geared towards those new to yoga or preferring a slightly gentler class. Time is spent breaking down sun salutations and other poses fundamental to a Vinyasa practice. These extremely accessible classes are an ideal choice for anyone looking to develop a practice of conscious, mindful movement with some support—from seniors to pregnant women to world-class athletes. Each class will be a different experience based on your teacher’s creative choice and background to bring you to new depths and your edge on that particular day.   Props and modifications offered for proper alignment and ease in the postures.

(75 minutes)

Vinyasa Flow 2 

This class works at a moderate pace in the vinyasa style of connecting movement and breath. Expect inventive and thoughtful sequences of sun salutations,twists, balances, back bending and inversions. When you hit that sweet spot and the endorphins kick in, a downward dog suddenly becomes an exercise in weightlessness—you glide, you float!  Suggested modifications will accommodate;  the yoga newbie, the seasoned yogi to that intense athlete.

(75 minutes)

Speciality Afternoon Classes

Hatha Yoga & Meditation with Crystal Bowls

This is slow-paced, classic hatha yoga practiced with mindfulness, deeply held poses, sun salutations, pranayama, chakra awareness and thematic integration for the whole self. The entire class is accompanied by crystal singing bowls and includes a closing guided meditation and sound healing to set a positive tone for the day. Taught by  yoga therapist Carmela Carlyle who will offer modifications for diverse levels of practice or for those healing through injuries.

All Level Class (75 minutes class )

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga invites you to slow down and create space for stillness while nourishing joints, ligaments, tendons and fascia. Yin is yoga at its coolest, deepest, quietest, stillest moments. This class will have you on the floor most of the time, using as many props needed to create as little effort while holding poses. Poses are held for 2-5 minutes allowing joints and fascia to release. This class will complement your Vinyasa practice and will open and release areas in need of more stretching.

All Level Class (75 minutes)

Restorative Yoga

Restorative sequences are ideal to relax and to rest. With support from props to be able to work on long holds, learn how to practice stillness and gentle movements, in order to cultivate healing and nurturing of the body. A perfect opportunity to disconnect from the business of the day and unwind by centering on breathing and the body.

All levels class (75 minutes class )


In this all levels Acroyoga class yoga and movement is explored in a fun and challenging way. A new way to move and flow will be explored each week. No previous experience necessary; neither is it necessary to bring a partner to attend. Jessica is a certified Acroyoga teacher through the Vancity Acroyoga Teacher Training program.

All levels class (90 minutes)

Ashtanga Yoga

This Class with its many vinyasas ( dynamic sequences ) is great to build inner heat , core strenght and toning the body it connects the movement of the body with the breath.The first series begins with  sun salutations (five A and five B), continues with a series of standing poses done on each side, and finishes with a set of inversions and seated poses, which are linked by a vinyasa sequence.This practice has a strong sense of purpose and you are forced to focus and grow. And be prepare to sweat !!

(90 minutes )

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