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Class Descriptions

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””Sayulita has become a hub for yoga on the Mexican westcoast. The mission of Yoga Los Suenos is offer a Full-time your -round regular yoga classes along with a retreat centre. The expansion of Hotelito Los Suenos was created with this in mind. The owner of the hotel is a yogi and wanted to share the joy of practising yoga in a tropical environment.. The yoga studio was designed and built with much care and attention for the yoga practitioner. Everything from the cushioned flooring to high quality mats to the great surround sound was thought of. Our hope is to attract yogis from all over North America and Mexico to come to Sayulita.

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Morning Yoga

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Our signature class, offered daily in the morning. With attention to alignment and the quality of the breath.This Class is ideal for new students as well for advanced practitioners ,becoming familiar with one's body,exploring the poses to get a feeling of awareness connecting the physical body and mind.

(All levels Class)

75 minutes.


A dynamic and flowing style of yoga. Practice during the warmest time of day, building heat to cleanse and detoxify the physical body, and allowing you to go deeper into the stretch, explore your limitless potential, and be amazed at what you can achieve. Some experience is helpful.
80 minutes.

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Hatha Yoga & Meditation with Crystal Bowls

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New Morning Class starts Tuesday October 10, 2017 with Carmela Carlyle

This is slow-paced, classic hatha yoga practiced with mindfulness, deeply held poses, sun salutations, pranayama, chakra awareness and thematic integration for your whole self. The entire class is accompanied by crystal singing bowls and includes a closing guided meditation and sound healing to set a positive tone for your day. Taught by a yoga therapist who will offer modifications for diverse levels of practice or for those healing through injuries.

YIN Yoga

This is a slow paced class where yoga asanas postures are held for a longer period of time.

Yin Yoga is slow and simple ,  choose this class if you are a begginer or advanced practitioner , this class helps to restore the body and the mind.

Suitable for all levels of students

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Restorative Yoga

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Restorative Sequences are ideal to relax and rest , supported by props to be able to work on long holds , learning how to practice stillness and gentle movements , this class cultivates healing and nurturing for the body .

Perfect opportunity to disconect from the bussiness of your day and unwind just by centering on your breath and body .This is a class for all levels of students


In this all levels Acroyoga class we will explore yoga and movement in a fun and challenging way. Each week we will explore a new way to move and flow in the Acroyoga practice. No previous experience necessary, you don't need to bring a partner to attend the class. Jessica is a certified Acroyoga teacher through the Vancity Acroyoga Teacher Training program.

90 minutes class . 

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