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Yoga Instructors

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Guillermo Abarca

Hello there. My name is Guillermo Abarca. I am Mexican and my parents are too. Ever since I remember I felt attracted to spiritual atmospheres. I began practicing Hatha Yoga at the age of 14 years old and that of course changed my life forever. Pretty soon with the practice of yoga I became Vegetarian and adopted a healthy life style. Soon also I started preparting to become a yoga instructor. Besides my regular practice of yoga I also got into modern dance and I took a number of different styles and schools and teachers. I have been a yoga instructor for more than 30 years. Through out that time I have seen many people get well and enjoy the many benefits of this ancient practice.

"I am a true believer that when you do things from the heart . . . more subtiles world unfold and open better fates!” Namaste

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Vanessa Morett

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Over the last 9 years i have been experimenting with diferent workshops and types of yoga , the last 4 years teaching Vinyasa and Ashtanga flow and now inspired by Shadow Yoga practice exploring with the energy sistem in the human body ...just really happy to be sharing this Ancient practice...” I will say to be true Yogis we have to trust in the pure essence of the heart, thinking that will make you stronger on your asanas ( poses ) is not the achivement, but the love to breath in them” …”yoga should be lived!, so as on the mat so on life”…


Yoga is a beautiful gift that as to be shared with everybody who are open to receive the benefits of this.” In 2006 I attended my first yoga class, kundalini style, still I have the beautiful feeling of that day, and that was when I first fell in love with YOGA… One year into Kundalini Yoga, I started focusing on Mysore style as my personal practice. It was at this time that I started helping my teachers with their adjustment assistance. I then started teaching on my own; beginning with 1st serie of Asthanga. After a few years of teaching Asthanga, I completed a teacher training in Power Vinyasa. I’m studying how to adapt postures to different bodies, and teaching individual awareness of the body. I knew I wanted to teach something that offers a variety of poses and that would give students options in class, while having the opportunity to improve on their practice. “Maybe we cannot change what is going outside, but we can always change what is going inside.” Om shanti Om……..

Om shanti Om……..

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Carmela Carlyle

Carmela Carlyle is a highly-experienced Certified Integrative Yoga Therapy Teacher, Yoga Nidra Meditation Instructor, Laughter Yoga Teacher, and Psychotherapist from San Francisco, California. She has lived in Sayulita for several years and maintains a private counseling and yoga therapy and meditation practice in her downtown Sayulita home studio. www.carmelacarlyle.com

Here at Hotelito, Carmela teaches inspiring Integrative Yoga on Tuesday and Thursday evenings accompanied by her crystal singing bowls. It is a slow-paced form of classic hatha yoga practiced with mindfulness, deeply held poses and thematic integration for your whole self. Ideal class for post-surf, healing through injuries and those who want to "ease into evening” refreshed and renewed.

Check our schedule for Carmela’s Yoga Nidra and Mexican Chocolate Meditation Workshops which are a favorite here at Hotelito Los Suenos! Lie down and journey within accompanied by crystal singing bowls and hand-crafted dark, organic chocolates.

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  Learn more at www.carmelacarlyle.com.

Eva Estlander

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Born and raised in Finland with a Master's in Economics, I find myself on a completely different path, spending my days surfing, paddleboarding and practicing and teaching Yoga in Sayulita, a beautiful beach town in Mexico. Ashtanga was the first type of yoga that I started with, but slowly felt more drawn to different styles of which Vinyasa and Yin are now the closest to my heart. I am a devoted yoga practitioner with a love of sharing my passion with my students. I feel it is important that to continue on this path, I must always have an open heart and a willingness to learn from others.

Jessica Christen Lusk

My passion in life is making people feel happy healthy! I have been a Massage Therapist since October 2010. In October of 2015 I completed my Yoga teacher training at the Davanna Yoga studio in Puerto Vallarta. I love to explore all types of yoga, but the Vinyasa style practice is what really makes my soul spark! Combining all of the elements of a healthy body; movement, strength, flexibility and awareness I find this practice to be like a massage for the body and soul. My goal in my classes is to make the Vinyasa practice accessible and enjoyable for all levels of yogis by giving specific cues on muscle engagement and breathing. You will hear me say often "Sthira-sukham āsanam", this Sanskrit proverb comes from the Yoga Sutras (II.46) and translates to "The yoga asana should be steady and comfortable". Whether we are practicing our handstands or we are in our sukhasana (easy pose) the goal is to find the joy and comfort in the pose!

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