Hotelito Los Sueños goes green!

Hotelito Los Sueños is turning green, and we don’t mean painting the hotel Green; we are talking about doing our part to help our planet remain longer and healthier!

We are pleased to inform our community and guests that in an effort to keep our mother earth (longer and healthier), we have been equipped with best & high end equipment of solar panels. This action will help our environment by reducing the usage of common electricity and using wisely the power of sun to provide for almost 40% of the energy we use in the hotel daily. That is cutting almost by half the electricity bill! In general we will be using this wonderful energy throuout the hotel and eventually even the A/C in the every room will be working with it!

Hotelito Los Sueños believes that we have only one planet to share with others, and Sayulita is the best place in the world to use the sun power for more than just having fun in the sea. With almost 300 sunny days in a year, why not take advantage of it? A long the way, reduce the pollution generated by the traditional forms of generating power and also bringing down the cost of electricity in our place.

Teaming up to benefit all!Our first set of panels are located on our rooftop, this will be plugged in and functioning briefly and, as you can see, with this really nice dosing, it also covers a second function as it provides the roof for our stairs to the restaurant-terrace; the panels are located in a way that they will not interfere with any other places or activities in the hotel, or with your views. So you will barely see them.

We are very happy to have the chance to work with a great team that has years of experience in Mexico helping people, not only to save some money on their electricity bill, but also using smart energy and do our part to keep on with the environment. We are thankful these changes are available to all of us now!

May your dreams come true and enjoy the sunny days at Sayulita in more than one way!

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