The Sayulita North side roundabout

Are you familiar with the roundabout that is close by the Escuela Damian Carmona at the north side of Sayulita?

We as Hotelito los Suenos started seeing how it got abandoned for many years and started wondering what we could do to improve it. After a couple of months we met with the Delegado and adopted the Glorieta to keep it going looking great and bring it back to life! Some of our Staff started by cutting the weeds and grass from around and discovered it needed more than just cutting it off so we decided to get all of our hands in there.

We moved out almost all the plants, took care of the ones we kept, we purchased new plants, cleaned and repaired the brick retaining wall around it and once we reached this point, we decided to level the street as good as we could with the material we had. We also installed a sprinkler system which will help to keep it green.

It was hard work and fun but we want to continue supporting the community and will continue to look for other projects to grow with Sayulita!

See the pics for the before and after!

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