Looking for a Yoga Retreat in Mexico? Check out these yoga retreats already coming to the hotel. Limited space available, please contact us or the hosts directly for more information! Your dream yoga retreat awaits at our little hotel of dreams.

December 2-8, 2018

Sayulita – Sun, Sand and Siesta Yoga Retreat
As the cold rolls in and the season of giving approaches take some time to replenish you. Step away from the everyday and immerse yourself in Sun, Sand and daily Siestas. The laid back surf town of Sayulita sets the tone for our light hearted get away from the everyday. Join Chuck and Kami as we explore the fine balance of work and rest, or even better in a world where we take ourselves a little too seriously play!
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December 8, 2018  /  1:00 – 4:00 pm

Acro Explorations with Valtterri

Valtteri is visiting Sayulita and is excited to offer some of his favorite acro moves from his Vancouver teaching series with Millissa. Valtteri is a Finn living in Vancouver Canada. He’s been travelling and teaching Acro since 2013.

In this workshop we will take familiar poses and explore new ranges of motion, linking the expected to the unexpected. This session will be about taking a path less traveled to get from one to the other with fluidity and grace. First half of the workshop we will be building confidence with new skills, poses and sequences. The second part will be about building flow around those new moves. This is an intermediate workshop meaning that people who register should have an understanding of the following poses as a base/flyer and spotter. We will offer progression of the skills to challenge different skill levels:

– Star – Foot 2 Hand  – Bird – Basic Pops    /  Price $300 pesos per person

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December 9-14, 2018

Temple of the Sacred Heart
Join our sacred circle of timeless medicine as we immerse and journey together to the Temple of the Heart deep within, exploring the four chambers of the bold, open, wild, and clear hearts, as well as their shadows, and the four illusions that keep us stuck and armoured.
Along with daily yoga, Shamanic wisdom teachings, Cacao and Temezcal ceremonies, Sound Healing and Music Medicine will be woven together as ancient balms to support the opening, cleansing, and healing of your Sacred Heart. You will return home, feeling rested and energized, ready to enter the new year with clarity and intention.
As an additional blessing, this week is the festive time of Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe (Our Lady of Guadalupe), so we will have the opportunity to receive Her energies of compassion as She is the bridge between the old and the new. We will also enjoy the opportunity to attend the local traditional celebrations in Her honour.
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January 3 – 6 , 2019

Shadow Yoga Intensive Sayulita .This 4 day intensive introduces the basic practices and principles of this Hatha Yoga system called Shadow Yoga. This includes Dasa Chalana ( joint warm- ups ) , Jiva Chalana (churning the inner self), basic standing postures and ujjayi breath. Uddiyana Bandha (navel lock ) is also introduce to train breath control , promote blood / lymph circulation , build inner heat and tonify the organic body and brain.

“By investigating the shadow and its source we come to light “

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January 7-12, 2019

Yoga and Meditation Sadhana. A truly inward journey.

Join us! Welcome 2019 with a unique–and affordable–retreat on Mexico’s beautiful Pacific coast. Recharge your batteries while you renew and deepen your sadhana—the disciplined practice of yoga.


5 Nights accommodations at Hotelito Los Suenos
5 delicious wholesome breakfasts
5 vegetarian dinners
Every day smoothies
Twice Yoga: morning and evening practices
Philosophy classes, chanting, group gathering, group dinner, and Q&A
Enough time to rest, surf, read, do a massage
A good time as a community together .

Join Daniela and her purpose: whenever we can be in a place with special energy and with people who seek the same well being and development of being, this Union is realized.

Daniela Kosmalski is a certified Yoga instructor, and full time Ashtanga and Yoga philosophy student. Her experience and simplicity will inspire you to carry yoga off your mat into your daily life and will transport you to the depths of the journey to self knowledge.

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January 21-27, 2019

Yoga Surf Adventure for women.

SURFING — The ultimate experience of mindfulness and being in the “now,” while feeling totally connected to body, breathing, and the wondrous healing nature of the Ocean. I have always wanted to integrate my deep love for surfing and the ocean with my chosen profession of teaching yoga. This is what the Yoga and Surf Adventure for Women is all about!  

We will create a safe learning environment for women to explore the magic of surfing — whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced intermediate. We will have professional instructors from a highly acclaimed Sayulita surf school teaching us in small groups (not more than 4:1 students-to-instructor ratio) for four days (two days, then a rest day, then two more days).

The yoga that I will be teaching will be focused on strengthening the muscles needed for effective paddling (and stretching them at the end of the day after our surf outings), cultivating better balance, and learning good physical positioning and technique for the most efficient and rewarding surf experiences. This will be a sensational adventure!! 

Learning Stand-up paddle surfing instead of traditional surfing is an option; you can choose which you prefer.

The retreat package includes:

* Ten yoga classes with an active vinyasa-alignment class in the morning and a gentle/yin class in the afternoon• 

* Seven days/six nights of lodging

* 4 surf lessons (two hours each) with small group instruction
*  A welcoming reception upon arrival with beverages and snacks
*  A daily breakfast Day 2-7
* Four delicious catered dinners at the hotel

* Transportation to and from the airport (unless arriving/departing other than on retreat dates)**

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January 24 -27, 2019

Next Level Acroyoga Workshop with Hobs Hobouts

Hobs is back in Sayulita for another round of Next Level Acroyoga! Join us as we pop, spot, and fly through an epic weekend workshop. Here’s what you can expect from this workshop: Pops, lots and lots of fun pops!
Icarian Games
Work with hand to hand and foot to hand skills
Learning Safe and dynamic spotting skills
Overall an amazing weekend in sunny Sayulita 😎 Full schedule to come soon!

Here are the skills you should already be comfortable basing or flying to get the most out of this workshop:
Physical: Healthy joints & strong muscles! Inversion practice (especially for flyers).
Personal: Willing to spot and be spotted. Willing to learn & communicate nicely.
Acro: Base or fly: Tuck Sit, Shoulderstand, Star, Side Star (able to do presses in all the Star poses above), Low Ft2H (Elbows on the ground), some experience with washing machines and L-base transitions.*Contact & practice with your local Acro teachers if the above are unfamiliar! Use spotters


Early bird pricing (before December 31): $3,000 pesos per person

Regular price (after December 31): $3,500 pesos per person

This price is for attending the whole weekend workshop and does not include hotel room or meals.

Questions/sign up at: or click here for more info

January 28- February 2, 2019

Beach Lovers’ Yoga Getaway.

This has been such a sweet retreat every year and this year will be the fifth consecutive Yoga Getaway!

Come enjoy a fantastic retreat at the beautiful Hotelito Los Sueños.  Wake up with an invigorating alignment-based practice and have the whole day to relax on the beach, shop in the lovely village of Sayulita with its many galleries, boutiques and gift shops, join me for a group hike to a nearby beach, or create your own adventure from the many activities to choose among in the area, such as whale-watching, snorkeling, horseback-riding, or visiting the nearby village of San Pancho (these are not included in the price of retreat but can be arranged for you).

We will come together in the afternoon for a relaxing practice in the open-air studio, feeling the ocean breezes and hearing the sound of waves lapping on the shore, finishing just in time to enjoy sunset on the beach and, if we are lucky, maybe even getting to participate in a baby-turtle release from our neighboring turtle rescue sanctuary!

The retreat package includes:

• Nine yoga classes with an active vinyasa-alignment class in the morning and a gentle/yin class in the afternoon• Six days/five nights of lodging
• A welcoming reception upon arrival with beverages and snacks

• A daily breakfast
• Three delicious dinners catered at the hotel
• Transportation to and from the airport (unless arriving/departing other than on retreat dates)*

* A cooking class from our gourmet in-house Chef

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January 13-19, 2019

International yoga and meditation teacher Whit Hornsberger (Vancouver, Canada) invites you to join him for a week of dedicated practice in beautiful Sayulita, Mexico at the wonderful Hotelito los Sueños.

This retreat will focus on developing the tranquil mind through mindfulness based practices. Over the course of seven days Whit will compassionately guide practitioners through two daily practices with the intention of cultivating the foundations for insight, mindfulness and non-judgmental self-awareness.

Daily practices will include traditional vinyasa krama as taught by the father of modern yoga, Sri T. Krishnamacharya and passed down to Whit by his teacher Srivatsa Ramaswami, yin yoga, yogic breathwork (pranayama), Buddhist meditation and philosophy.

Whit Hornsberger is an experienced student and teacher from Vancouver, Canada and draws upon a decade and a half of experiential understanding and wisdom through dedicated practice, study and teaching.

Whit offers international workshops, intensives and retreats and is known for his ability to transmit the wisdom of the ancient traditions of Classical Yoga and Buddhism in a in a colloquial manner.

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February 2-9, 2019

Yoga | Adventure with Jennifer Isaacson
The air is warm on your skin.  You open your eyes and remember where you are.  The breeze is part ocean, part jungle.  Wonderful.  The yoga challenges and supports you in all the right ways.  You’re excited to learn new things.  Hike.  Surf.  Market.  Petroglyphs.  Today you intended to explore town, instead you nap and pool and nap and pool.  After the evening yoga, you join the group for dinner and there’s lots of laughing and a few sunburns. The food is delicious; you’re hungrier than you thought.  More guacamole please.  You like these people.  You like Mexico.  The adventure begins  > here  <

February 9-14, 2019

Sayulita Mexico Yoga Retreat
This 5-night retreat takes us out of our daily patterns and puts us where everything is new and fresh. Perspective is everything. With the sun and sea around us, how we see things can be picked up and examined with an ease and grace that is harder to find when we are in the rote mode of our winter routine. So come, examine, move, breath, be still. Create your shift to who you want to be next.
We will wake up to rooster crowing, practice yoga, enjoy a great breakfast, and by lunchtime have the afternoon free to explore the fun little town of Sayulita. There is time to have a massage on the beach, an afternoon at the turtle sanctuary, maybe an excursion on the water, and late afternoon meet at a local great restaurant for our dinner. After dinner, we will return for an evening yoga session perhaps a Yoga Nidra under the starry sky, or a gratitude-filled meditation. You will restore with fresh food, deep sleep, sunshine, and the healing connection that comes when like-minded people gather and connect.
My Yoga is mindful, targeted, and very accepting of all the maladies that come with a well-lived life. This is not “shoga” as one man recently told me, not show-off-yoga concerned with how deep you can go into pretzel poses. You will be taught instead to Tune In, Listen, Respond, and Feel the Rewards of all the time you spend in practice. Yoga is just creating awareness of your body, mind, spirit connection. Allowing all 3 to have a decision making role in your world. Ancient wisdom would say that it is this connection that puts you in Peek State for decision making, and ultimately happiness and contentment.
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February 15-20, 2019

Salute the Sun in Sayulita with Katie Schiffgen
This five day retreat in sunny Sayulita will be the perfect little getaway to paradise in the middle of winter! We will meditate on the beach each morning then return to the hotel for a fresh organic smoothie and coffee. We will have an active morning yoga practice in one of the beautiful thatched roof studios and then enjoy a delicious organic breakfast buffet together. Daily activities are up to you, but surfing and/or sun bathing are always easily accessible options! All levels are welcome! There will be something for everyone! Join me for a magical week in paradise… you won’t regret it!
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March 2-7, 2019

Exhale and Become the Sky: a Tantric Hatha yoga Retreat with Yoganand Michael Carroll.
Take an opportunity to practice deeply with Yoganand, and explore inner and outer landscapes during a week in the Pueblo Magic of Sayulita.
 From the Vedas to the Tantras, the sky is a symbol for spirit, the True Self and the expanded state of consciousness that deep practice brings. Yogis were instructed to become the sky or the wind, to expand beyond all limitations and to experience the free Self. To ‘become the sky’ is to leave all problems behind and experience the expanded Self.  This journey of expansion gives us the perspective to come back down into our lives and become the person we most want to be.
To engage deeply with an experience of expansion, we must sometimes travel far away. By removing ourselves from environments that encourage habitual thinking, we discover new inner realms. As we learn different ways of engaging with and perceiving the Self, we discover new opportunities to support ourselves as we renew and replenish.
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April 6-13, 2019

Ashtanga Yoga Retreat with Jen René
Join Jen and your fellow yogis for a destination yoga adventure that will combine the power of the practice with a fun spirited Mexican getaway.
This retreat is for yogis of all levels looking for disconnect from the grind and connect with the practice, the self, and each other.
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May 6-12, 2019

Join Molly and Kelliann for 6 nights, 7 days of yoga and adventures.
Retreat includes
2 classes a day taught by Molly and Kelliann in our own private yoga studio
2 specialty workshop to deepen your practice
2 healthy locally sourced gourmet meals a day
all yoga gear: mats and props
use of all hotel amenities: bicycles, boogie boards, beach towels, beach umbrellas
luxurious villa style hotel in Sayulita: 10 minute walking distance to the beach, restaurants and shops
group and indiviudal excursions: plenty of beach time, zip-lining, surfing, snorkeling, etc.
transportation from the nearest airport (Puerto Vallarta)
generous amounts of time to rest, relax and adventure!
This retreat is for yogis of all levels looking for disconnect from the grind and connect with the practice, the self, and each other.
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May 21- June 10, 2019

Sayulita, Mexico Earth Medicine 200hr YOGA TEACHER TRAINING COURSE with Sacred Paths Yoga
Our yoga teacher training programs blend traditional yogic teachings with spirituality and earth medicine to provide a holistic, synergistic and applicable approach to living this practice. This program is designed for those souls with an interest in yoga, spirituality and meditation and an interest in deepening that connection to live your life with intention and more fully aligned with your truth. Our YTTs offer an opportunity for self growth, personal development and transformation while providing the tools necessary to develop your own personal practice or to step into your calling as teacher and guide. We will explore yoga history and philosophy, anatomy, alignment, yogic diet, ayurveda, healing arts and more while tapping into the expansiveness of this practice. The experience will be richly informative, empowering and inspiring. Awaken to your heart’s calling as you embark upon this sacred path.

For many, this becomes a life changing experiencing as we set out to gain more clarity and empowerment on our life’s journey.

Please visit or email: for more information.

June 10-15, 2019

Yoga, Meditation, and Beach Retreat. We return again to stunning Sayulita, the perfect location to deepen your yoga and meditation practice. Enjoy the beach, pools, mouthwatering meals, and charming village.
Experience daily all levels yoga and meditation in a gorgeous yoga shala with experienced and dedicated teacher, Christie Pitko. Delicious vegetarian breakfasts are served daily in an open-air cafe, along with a welcome and farewell dinner, followed by a sunset meditation on the beach. Relax in a spacious suite with a balcony. Get blissed with a therapeutic massage as part of our retreat package.
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