Plastic Pollution is one of modern days biggest environmental issues. The widespread use of disposable plastic to deliver single use products, such as bottled water, grocery bags, and amenity shampoo bottles, has caused public outrage over the environmental disasters caused by the leftover plastic. We have made the switch from this (those wasteful plastic bottles you find in hotels):

Our alkaline water in a biodegradable bottle for greater fitness benefits, Alkaline water as it offers many fitness blessings which include,  method for increase health benefit , regulating pH ranges of the frame and preventing numerous diseases.

To this: HEY!. Why are we throwing away everyday all those have-used bars of soap. Crazy Yes! We agreed

What No more of those cute little plastic bottles with shampoo in them Or those fancy wrapped bars of soap. Yup!!! Are we taking a step back to those days of useless soap dispensers found in public swimming pools and school locker rooms Nope!

  • Its called frugal innovation.
  • Its way better for the environment!!
  • Its spa-quality products.
  • It just makes good sense for everybody
  • Quality, product dispensers

The golf cart charging station for 100 pesos a day.

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