Sayulita has become a hub for yoga on the Mexican west coast. The dual mission of Yoga Los Sueños is to offer full-time, year round regular yoga classes and to serve as a yoga retreat centre. The expansion of Hotelito Los Sueños was conducted with these goals in mind.  The yoga studio was designed and built with care and attention for the yoga practitioner. Everything from the cushioned flooring to high quality mats to the great surround sound was considered. Our hope is to attract yogis from all over North America and Mexico to Sayulita.

Come play under the Palapa !


This fluid style of yoga links movement to breath in a seamless sequence. Often referred to as ‘flow’ yoga, this movement based practice incorporates standing and seated postures, an invitation to inversions, and a sweet savasana at the end. All levels.


Get back to the basics! In this practice, you will use physical asana (postures), pranayama (breathing), and dyana (meditation) to achieve a balanced, calmer state in body and mind. Poses move at a slower pace and are often held for a longer time. All levels.


The best of both worlds! Heat up your body with a fast paced flow to stoke your inner fire and feed your yang energy. Then soothe your soul with slow, juicy yin postures to leave your body feeling nourished and limber. All levels.


Finally! A yoga class geared to the guys. With a focus on functional movement, this class incorporates gentle flow, core strength, flexibility and range of motion practices you can incorporate into your daily life to move and feel better on and off your mat. All levels.


The perfect way to end your day. Timed to catch the sunset from our shala, you can unwind on your mat with gentle movements, restorative type poses, soothing breezes, and sweet savasanas. Leave your mat feeling refreshed and blissed out.


As indicated by its name, Slow Flow keeps your body moving in a gentle manner to help get into all the sticky spots without the vigor of a full vinyasa practice. This class is a great way to keep moving on lower energy days.


Bring your A-game! A stimulating and exhilarating vinyasa practice which includes fast paced flows while building strength, flexibility, stamina, core stability and concentration. All levels.


The roots of our vinyasa practice, Ashtanga is a dynamic and physically demanding style of yoga which flows in a fixed sequence of poses using ‘vinyasas’ to transition from one to the next while using ujayi pranayama. Intermediate/advanced.

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