Audra Rose Stanley

Audra’s teaching career began in 2009 within the Power Yoga community. After years of teaching on the Carolina Coast, Audra relocated to Los Angeles to further her training under the renowned guidance of Annie Carpenter and Maty Ezraty focusing on Smart Flow Yoga. Fast foward a few years… she is living in Sayulita MX with her two dogs, partner and is the creator of The Rose Room. Audra’s classes embody playfulness and core strength, while kicking judgment out the door and celebrating who we are at our center. In her experience, the more we connect to our bodies, the more space and openness we will have in our hearts and minds. Expect to be challenged, explore alignment, and dance between classical and more fluid asanas.

Vanessa Morett

Vanessa is originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. She believes that yoga should be lived on and off the mat. Over the last decade she has studied with a diverse range of teachers and styles of yoga. Currently, she is inspired to deepen her practice with advanced studies in Shadow Yoga – working with the energetic system of the human body. Her classes are a beautiful blend of hatha, vinyasa and sweet restoratives.

“Be true, Yogis and Yoginis. We have to trust in the pure essence of the heart. Thinking only about asanas (poses) to make you stronger is not the achievement. It is the pure love of breathing into them.”

Andrea Binder

Andrea has been a healer for over 15 years. Putting together learned modalities of massage, reiki, polarity and more, she helps generate a better sense of well-being and balance for others. You simply cannot not smile when practicing with Andrea. After teaching for 10 years her classes bring a soulful mix of yoga, dance, meditation and fun to a mix of world music.

Jessica Christen Lusk

Her passion in life is making people feel happy healthy! In October of 2015 she completed her Yoga teacher training at the Davanna Yoga studio in Puerto Vallarta. She loves to explore all types of yoga, but the Vinyasa style practice is what really makes her soul spark! Combining all of the elements of a healthy body–movement, strength, flexibility and awareness–she finds this practice to be like a massage for the body and soul. Her goal in the classes is to make the Vinyasa practice accessible and enjoyable for all levels of yogis by giving specific cues on muscle engagement and breathing. Whether we are practicing our handstands or we are in our sukhasana (easy pose) the goal is to find the joy and comfort in the pose!

Andrea Villarrubia

Andrea teaches Hatha Vinyasa Yoga with an emphasis on mindful movement and playful exploration. Andrea’s Yoga practice began in 2002 in the SF Bay Area and has deepened and grown in her 13+ years living full-time in Sayulita. Andrea incorporates meditation, breath awareness, and conscious movement to her asana classes for an accessible, holistic approach to the practice of yoga.

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