Chel Rogerson

Chel  is a 500-hour Yoga Alliance certified instructor, Reiki Master and Life Coach with more than ten years of experience teaching. A former marketing executive, she felt unfulfilled by her fast-paced lifestyle and left her six-figure salary to embrace minimalism and study mindfulness and meditation. This time of self discovery led her to yoga teacher training with South Okanagan Yoga Academy, studying under Mugs McConnell. She continued to adventure around the world to practice meditation and volunteer in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Burma. With this unique perspective, she’s passionate about helping others who feel “stuck” in life to overcome stress and difficult situations to seek happiness and joy. She teaches Hatha, Vinyasa, Gentle/Beginner and Power Yoga, always infused with inspiring positive psychology. Her specialties include body confidence, digital well-being, intentional living and manifestation. She’s a hula hoop/fire performer and loves surfing and plant-based cooking in her free time. She has been teaching and living in Sayulita since 2017 and often visits back to her home in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.


I was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico in 1969. I obtained a university degree as a bachelor in business administration but after college I decided to become a professional artist. painting is one of my passions and it is a profession that I continue to exercise to this day.

My other passion is Yoga, I have practiced Yoga Since 2005, and became a certified yoga teacher in 2012.
I ve been trained and certified in different styles of Asana practices (postures). This has helped me learn how to personalize and adjust the classes according to the specific needs of each person or group, always within the guidelines of the traditional Yoga philosophy.

“ The goal of Hatha Yoga (Sun and Moon) is to achieve the perfect balance, physically, mentally and spiritually on and off the Mat, which generates inner peace, giving a better quality of life.“

  • ERYT 500 by Yoga Alliance
  • Traditional hatha yoga
  • Hatha Vinyasa (flow)
  • Ashtanga (first series)
  • Yin Yoga (Taoist)
  • Yin-Yang yoga (Taoist)
  • Restorative – Regenerative
  • Gentle yoga (elderly people)
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Thai massage

Amanda Shea

Amanda came to Sayulita from California just three years ago, after attending a yoga retreat here at Hotelito Los Suenos! Her passion lies in finding balance in life through her wellness practices with yoga, hiking, and cooking healthy and fresh meals. She received her 200 hour certification with “The Unconventional Yogini” in San Diego and has grown to study and learn with her mentor. Amanda loves to teach beginners and all levels in her classes, sharing her love for the practice with others. She teaches a ‘mindful flow’ incorporating pranayama breath practices, conscious movement, and meditation leaving you feeling connected and centered after a good sweat!


Fernanda is an international yoga teacher, graduated and trained in 2019 at Swami Sivananda’s school, In Patagonia Argentina, obtaining the Yoga Pandit degree, endorsed by the South American International Yoga Federation.
She was born in Patagonia Argentina, she is a lover of cycling, snowboarding, reading and living with nature.



Alexandra is a holistic yogui medicine musician singer and a nutritional consultant.

She started practicing yoga over ten years ago mostly self taught and has evolved and refined in her practice as a yoga teacher 200 YTT of Ashtanga Hatha Vinyasa .

She loves to share the gift of yoga bringing in her teaching the sacredness in the unity of the practice as well in every session.

Her style is a creative dynamic intuitive movement hatha vinyasa flow . She will be guiding the intermediate class so if you wish to grow in your practice she will hold space . Offering a variety of deeper asanas, binds , backbends , arm balances and inversions.


E-RYT 500, Certified Pilates Instructor, Group-Fitness Trainer

Annik began teaching movement as a group fitness trainer in 2003, then Pilates + yoga in 2010. She first studied yoga in night school at the age of 16 + several years later, in 2007 came back to the practice. Annik studied and is certified in Swedish, acupressure, lymphatic-drainage + aromatherapy massage-styles, is a skin therapist + master-level Reiki practitioner. Her passion and 20+year career has always been with bodies + movement.

Annik is the founder/owner/CEO of a holistic studio in Vancouver, Canada that promotes the well-being of our whole selves [ CoalitionSkin ]. Originally from Toronto, she left at age 19 to travel the world for 4 years then moved to Vancouver for a decade to build a healthy foundation for her business. In 2017 Annik decided it was time to permanently leave Canada to move towards the tropical life she had been working towards and~ although it’s a whole new bag of entrepreneurial challenges~ runs her shop remotely.

She has a passion for serial-learning, then sharing once she has embodied the teachings. She loves to share tools that help her on her journey such as pranayama, bandhas, frequency, lunar-cycle work, yoga philosophy. Guests who practice with Annik say classes are insightful + playful. Annik loves giving options so all levels can join + work towards their physical, mental + spiritual-growth through their yoga practice.

Kerry Casarin

Kerry’s love affair with yoga began in 1995 in a small town in southern Ontario, Canada where she was instantly drawn to the physical nature of the practice.

As with any new relationship, she tested the waters in various styles of the practice from vinyasa to ashtanga, yin through restorative. Her practice and love affair hit a wall when she became pregnant with her first child, and her ever changing body no longer fit into her physical style of practice.

It was then that she uncovered a new magic in yoga, but this time with an emphasis on the quiet, mindful nature of the practice and the solace it provided as a new mother. This reignited flame sparked a new passion and drove Kerry to dive into her first 200hr teacher training at De la Sol yoga studios in Hamilton, Ontario, as well as extensive trainings in prenatal, postnatal, yin, and restorative. Kerry opened her own studio in Canada in 2012 and has been spreading her own yoga love with students of all ages and stages of life ever since. When Kerry isn’t on her mat, she’s a busy mom of 2, taco aficionado, and wave chaser.

Tanya Schwarz

A true adventurer, Tanya took her 200HRS TTC Training in Sayulita in mid 2019.

Born in Calgary Canada and working as an Engineering Technologist, a love of exploring led her to pack up her old life, drive from home with her family and a small dog, return to Mexico, and begin teaching yoga.

Tanya fuses traditional yoga movements with fun, powerful, variations. Along with her approachable demeanor, and engaging music, she provides a unique yoga experience. Among her training is Hatha Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, and Thai Massage.

Her interests include travelling, essential oils, running, Bigfoot, and spreadsheets.

Vanessa Morett

Originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco, has been practicing / teaching for over 17 years in Sayulita. Her classes are a combination of Hatha Yoga , Vinyasa, Restorative yoga, mantra and Sadhana ( spiritual practices ).

She has been inspired in the last 8 years by her studies in a branch of Hatha yoga called Shadow Yoga. Deepening her studies in Ayurveda, Qigong and energetic body work.

Amanda Shea

Amanda has called Sayulita home since 2018, after a few years of visiting and hosting yoga retreats, here at Hotelito Los Suenos! Originally from California, her passion lies in connecting the mind, body and spirit and really nourishing ourselves with our yoga practice. She received her 200 hour certification in 2017 with Jolie Cash in San Diego and has grown and developed her love for teaching over the years studying with different teachers and mentors. Amanda loves to share her love for the practice with others, especially those new to their yoga mat. She teaches a ‘slow flow’ or ‘mindful flow’ style class incorporating pranayama breath practices, conscious movement, and meditation leaving her students feeling connected and centered and always finishing with a long and nourishing, and hopest you’ll say “hola” if you see her in the lineup.

Greer Fawcett

Greer Fawcett is a 200 ERYT Yoga teacher, certified in Rocket Yoga in 2020. Her favorite classes to teach are a creative vinyasa flow where she works to create a well-rounded practice with a base of mindfulness, deep relaxation, breathwork, and posture breakdowns for alignment and muscle engagement to work towards advanced postures. She continues to expand her knowledge of the practice with training in trauma-informed yoga and Katonah yoga.


Outside of her practice, Greer is an impact producer working in the film industry and pursuing social justice work. Ask her about the monthly beach clean-ups in Sayulita, which take place on the first Tuesday of every month.

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