Our therapist in 2015, had the opportunity to train as a therapist in Acupuncture with Master Rubén Ochoa Beltran, Director General of Energy and Health, Oriental Therapies. With it she learned several acupuncture techniques: Traditional Chinese acupuncture, Dr. Richard Tan’s balance method, acupuncture of wrists and ankles, among others. Eastern culture has inherited from us a great treasure trove of ancestral knowledge that today is within our reach to improve our health and well-being.

She later studied Floral Therapy with Teacher Maria Alejandra Valdez Lankes, Director of the College of Floral and Natural Therapists. Working with the flowers has helped her to complement acupuncture more deeply.

Acupuncture Session

This treatment involves regulating the flow of Qi from energy meridians, through the use of fine needles inserted at certain points in the body. It mainly helps in chronic pains, in support of medical treatments and also as a preventive treatment as it helps to relax the body and mind.
Duration: 60 minutes

Price$650 pesos   By appointment

Acupuncture Session plus 20 min Acupuncture on Back

This treatment involves having a one-hour acupuncture session, to help eliminate pain, strengthen energy, or relax body and mind. It ends with 20 minutes of acupuncture in the back, working with the entire bladder canal, which is connected to each of the body’s organs and systems. Recommended in chronic conditions as it strongly tones Qi and blood.
Duration: 90 minutes

Price$860 pesos   By appointment

Acupuncture Session plus 20 Minutes of Suction Cup Massage

This treatment involves having an hour-long acupuncture session to help eliminate pain, strengthen energy or relax body and mind. Finish with 20 minutes of massage with suction cups on your back, to help relax and decontract.
Duration: 90 minutes

Price$1000 pesos   By appointment

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