Personal training

Professional Personalized Fitness Training is the absolute gold standard of fitness conditioning.The Joshuafit method of training is based on simplicity, safety, and effectiveness…
We apply these three foundational philosophies to exercise selection and implementation,
manipulating the time-tested basic strength movements, cardiovascular conditioning methods, and flexibility development techniques that have been proven to work. No fads, gimmicks, or trends allowed. We avoid injuries and imbalances by removing high-impact movements, and gradually increasing the intensity of a program at the exact appropriate time. We ensure results by staying laser focused on personalized training programs that are specially designed for every individual, regardless of age, fitness level, or goals…
With all of these elements combined, we have a brilliantly simplified and ridiculously effective
method of training that is super safe for everyone, and crazy smart!


I became a personal trainer to bring power to the people! I believe that everyone has the ability to use fitness to improve the quality of their life, regardless of their goals, age, abilities or limitations. As a professionally certified personal trainer for the past 27 years, it has been my mission to challenge the physique-focused message of the fitness industry, break down the barriers to entry and success, and to simplify the path that leads to the realization of personalized goals. I don’t sell products, endorse trends, or push fads. To truly realize the benefits of what fitness can do for the individual, I have taken my 25 years of training experience and developed a method of conditioning that is
brilliantly simplified and ridiculously effective… Train Smarter!

Private sessions are held in The Train Station, In-Room, or Beachfront
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