Guillermo Abarca

My name is Guillermo Abarca. I am 52 years old and started the practice and study of Yoga in the year of 1979 when I was 14 years old in the city of Morelia, my birth city in Mexico. Since I started the practice, my teachers noticed dedication and devotion to the practice and studies of yoga and I was invited to attend the Yoga teacher training program of the Yoga school, called Universal Great Brotherhood. Since 1980 I have taught the practice of asanas. My experience as a yoga teacher is based in two main aspects: my very own personal practice and the sincere interest in the philosophy of Yoga as a way of living. Teaching yoga to me is essential part of the Karma yoga: to be able to help others realize we can become healthy cells within our community, society and environment. I am proud to share a unique session as a culmination of 35 years of study in a smart practice that incorporates spiritually and powerful aspects for an outstanding outcome. I am a Yoga Allience Certified yoga teacher.

Vanessa Morett

I am the Coordinator of the Yoga Los Sueños Program. I am originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico and believe that yoga should be lived, on and off, the mat. Over the last ten years I have been studying and experimenting with a diverse range of teachers and styles of yoga. For the last six years my teaching focus has been Vinyasa and Hatha Flow. Currently, I am inspired to deepen my practice with advanced studies in Shadow Yoga working with the energetic system of the human body and the sister science of Yoga, the study of Ayurveda, which has prompted me to also teach Restorative Yoga. It is a joy to study and share these ancient practices! “Be true, Yogis and Yoginis. We have to trust in the pure essence of the heart. Thinking only about asanas (poses) to make you stronger is not the achievement. It is the pure love of breathing into them.”

Carmela Carlyle

Hola! I am a highly-experienced Certified Integrative Yoga Therapy Teacher, Yoga Nidra Meditation Guide, Laughter Yoga Teacher, and Psychotherapist from San Francisco, California. I have lived in Sayulita for several years and maintain a private Integrative Counseling and Yoga Therapy Practice in my downtown Sayulita home studio.
Here at Yoga Los Sueños, where I have been working for over five years offering weekly classes and guided meditation journeys with yoga retreat groups, I teach morning Hatha Yoga with Meditation accompanied by my crystal singing bowls. It is a slow-paced form of classic hatha yoga practiced with mindfulness, deeply-held poses and thematic integration for your whole self. Kick off your day setting your intention and feeling loosened up for whatever comes your way! Learn more at

Eva Estlander

Born and raised in Finland with a Master’s degree in Economics, I find myself on a completely different path, spending my days surfing, paddleboarding and practicing and teaching Yoga in Sayulita, a beautiful beach town in Mexico. Ashtanga was the first type of yoga that I started with, but slowly felt more drawn to different styles of which Vinyasa and Yin are now the closest to my heart. I am a devoted yoga practitioner with a love of sharing my passion with my students. I feel it is important that to continue on this path, I must always have an open heart and a willingness to learn from others.

Jessica Christen Lusk

My passion in life is making people feel happy healthy! I have been a Massage Therapist since October 2010. In October of 2015 I completed my Yoga teacher training at the Davanna Yoga studio in Puerto Vallarta. I love to explore all types of yoga, but the Vinyasa style practice is what really makes my soul spark! Combining all of the elements of a healthy body–movement, strength, flexibility and awareness–I find this practice to be like a massage for the body and soul. My goal in my classes is to make the Vinyasa practice accessible and enjoyable for all levels of yogis by giving specific cues on muscle engagement and breathing. You will hear me say often “Sthira-sukham ?sanam”, this Sanskrit proverb comes from the Yoga Sutras (II.46) and translates to “The yoga asana should be steady and comfortable”. Whether we are practicing our handstands or we are in our sukhasana (easy pose) the goal is to find the joy and comfort in the pose! Jessica is also our Acroyoga teacher, certified by Acroyoga Vancouver.

Sylvie Lacourciere

For Sylvie, yoga has been a journey of healing. Having practiced before, during, and after recovery from illness has endowed her with an intimate understanding of the body and a spiritual understanding of the connection between body, mind, and spirit.

Drawing on over 6 years experience in such diverse yoga styles as Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, and Yin, she crafts her classes for a wide range of participant abilities, offering variations and making all feel included. With an expanded knowledge of meditation techniques and refined empathy, Sylvie offers her students the opportunity to embark on a journey of physical and spiritual growth.

Sub Instructors

Stacey Medwid

I was first introduced to yoga around 2011 and my own practice has been growing and evolving ever since. I believe that yoga is a personal experience and an opportunity for each of us to explore our own bodies and beliefs. I am trained in both vinyasa and yin yoga and my intention as a teacher is to help students explore connection to themselves and the evolution of their own practices in a relaxed, safe, and supportive environment.

Audra Rose Stanley

Audra’s teaching career began in 2009 within the Power Yoga community. After years of teaching on the Carolina Coast, Audra relocated to Los Angeles to further her training under the renowned guidance of Annie Carpenter and Maty Ezraty focusing on Smart Flow Yoga. Now traveling between LA and her quaint home in Sayulita, Mexico, Audra is blessed to share her love of practice with an array of yogis from advanced old school practioners to new curious friends. Audra’s classes embody playfulness and core strength, while kicking judgment out the door and celebrating who we are at our center. In her experience, the more we connect to our bodies, the more space and openness we will have in our hearts and minds. Expect to be challenged, explore alignment, to flow, and to get inspired to try the unknown.

Shirley Summerfield

Shirley is a Registered Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist originally from Vancouver, Canada whose life work has focused on energy and movement in supporting the whole self. Her training and commitment to learn more has taken her to various parts of the world to study and broaden her knowledge. She has been practicing yoga for over 18 years. The intent being through both her yoga and massage is to support all in their journey to embrace balance and inner peace.

Chanandev Kaur

Chanandev Kaur is a KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and anthropologist, who has been developing and participating in different yoga social projects as yoga in jail and the beginning of kundalini yoga community in Cuba. She has been practicing kundalini yoga since 14 years ago and now is also the event planner at Hotelito.

Ilaria Franco

Hi, I’m Ilaria, nice to meet you and thanks for sharing with us your Yoga practice!
I’m from Italy, where I lived my first 20 years. Then I started to travel in Europe and South America, till I knew Mexico, I fell in love and here I am, after 8 years. My Teacher Training was in Vallarta in 2011, and at the beginning it was for me just a way to go deeper in my practice and mostly in Yoga philosophy. But after teaching my first class, I understood that I loved it. I love to share my knowledge and teaching helps me to keep on studying and to deepen all aspects of Yoga. Buddha says: Yoga is a way for freedom and it’s true. It can help you to understand lots of yourself and go deep into your feelings and find the best way of your life.

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