Surf, Beauty, and Charm – The Delights of Sayulita

If you’re looking for a stunningly beautiful getaway, with a relaxed atmosphere, in which you will be integrated into the life of the place rather than kept apart as a ‘tourist’, then Sayulita is the place for you. This wonderful fishing village has swiftly become a favored spot with discerning vacationers. It is small enough to be friendly, but experienced enough with tourists to be able to provide everything the modern vacationer could possibly require.

The area is becoming increasingly popular with A-Listers – who certainly know a good thing when they see one! The Pacific seascapes and gorgeous beaches of the area are utterly sublime – with some of the best sunsets to be found anywhere in the world. Indeed, cruises in this area are excessively popular simply due to the incredible beauty of the coast and sea (although the congenial nature of the climate in season does not hurt!). Land-based tourists based at Hotelito Los Sueños, however, will also find plenty with which to amuse themselves, and shall certainly not miss out on the beauty of the sea and coast!

Mexico’s West Coast in general, and Sayulita in particular, are famed for the quality of the surf. Those who like to slide on water will find themselves amply provided for at Sayulita. The waves are consistently excellent, and the water is warm. It’s arguably one of the greatest surfing locations in the entire world. The local surfers are thoroughly excellent – indeed, Sayulita has produced several champion surfers in its time – and are an often breathtaking joy to watch.

For those who are beginner surfers, there is no need to be nervous of Sayulita’s stellar surfing reputation. Some areas are thoroughly excellent for learners, and surf schools which will happily take you out for the day and teach you the basics (or improve your existing technique) abound. Perhaps best of all, the surfer culture is well ingrained within Sayulita, with bars, shops, and a general atmosphere of beach-bonhomie all extremely congenial to the eager surfer.

Natural Beauty

Those who prefer not to surf will not find themselves lacking in ways to occupy their time. One can go horse riding over the soft sands of the tropical beaches, or even hack on horseback through the jungles (with the aid of an experienced guide, of course). This may be one of the best ways to experience the utterly glorious natural landscape of Sayulita, which is in many ways unparalleled. Much of the surrounding jungle remains virginal, and its verdant green canopy shelters a variety of exotic birds and mammals, some of them endangered elsewhere. There are hiking trails through the jungle and surrounding countryside if you prefer not to ride. Of course, even just a stroll along the glorious beaches, gazing out over the Pacific and perhaps taking in a sunset or two can be a wonderful way to fill the time! Alternatively, one can wander around the town itself. The place is quite charming, with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and plenty in the way of refreshment and diversion!

Relaxing Yoga

Of course, the hotel itself also offers a variety of ways in which to relax and pass the time. Chief among these is yoga. The hotel’s owner is a yogi, and has constructed a purpose-built yoga studio with great attention to detail. As every yoga practitioner knows, the surrounds in which yoga is practiced mean a lot, and the Hotelito Los Sueños’s yoga studio is precision-made to perfectly encompass and enhance the practice of yoga.

Yoga is absolutely fantastic for relaxing both body and mind, leaving you feeling loose, limber, and at peace with yourself and the world. The paradisiacal surrounds of Sayulita – the sounds of the sea, the gentle tropical breeze, the sight of the sands and so on – enhance this experience. The stresses and strains of the modern world will fall away with each exhalation, and you will be left perfectly relaxed, happy, and in the mood of enjoy your vacation. There is perhaps no better way to get into the mood for a gentle vacation than to undertake a yoga session – luckily, the Hotelito Los Sueños can amply provide in this respect!

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