Surf Lesson at Sayulita Mexico

Incredible Fun for all ages with safe and friendly surf conditions. First time Surfers will be standing and riding waves by the end of our lesson, more experienced students will improve their previous Surfing abilities.

2 hour surf lesson at Sayulita’s sandy bottom beach break. This lesson consists of a 20 minute lesson on the beach explaining ocean dynamics, paddling, popping up, stance and water safety. After the beach lesson, instructors will escort guests in the water and guide them through the process of getting on the boards, paddling and learning to access a surf break and read waves properly. Instructors will help guests catch waves with an emphasis on safety and fun.

On group lessons, there is a maximum of 1:4 instructor to guest ratio. When teaching kids (9 and under) a maximum of 1:2 instructor to kid ratio is our standard.

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